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The Tacket Secret

Check out this fast-paced, 7-book action series.
A teen criminal with a secret, on the run. A detective with control issues, forced to trust.
In theory, they'll make each other better—if they can learn to work together before it's too late.

Book 1 - FREE ebook!

Orphaned. Abducted. Programmed.
Emily Brelin has escaped her abusive handler, the General, and she'll do whatever it takes to never go back.
When mysterious teen disappears, Detective Victoria Tacket scours Golden City, NY searching for her.
Emily knows how to survive—but will she ever be free to live?

Book 2 & Book 3

Adopted. Attacked. Sidelined.
Jessie, previously known as Emily, strives to erase her identity footprint and conceal her deadly training.
Despite Jessie's concerns, Vick pushes for a “more-open, normal life” for her newly-adopted teen.
If Jessie’s former life crashes into her present one, no one who knows the teen will be safe.

Book 4 & Book 5

Armed. Trained. High-schooled.
Jessie secretly prepares to face the rogue general who trained her, while Vick pressures her to attend high school.
Vick secretly digs into Jessie’s past while dodging her detective partners’ questions about the adoption.
The line between friends and enemies blurs. Trusting the wrong person could lead to deadly consequences.

Book 6 & Book 7

Hunted. Tricked. Trapped.
Jessie must find and stop the general before another person she loves dies.
Ignoring warnings, Vick follows leads on Jessie’s deraigned, former mentor.
Vick plans to arrest the general. Jessie might kill him. But they agree on one goal—He can’t roam free.

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This action novella series blends suspense and vivid characters into an unforgettable story about family. Follow Jessie and Vick as they navigate a rocky relationship, nosy detectives and agents, and criminal encounters in New York’s largest metropolitan area, Golden City.

A promise forced their paths to cross. A secret kept them together. Will a resurrected past break them?

When a mutual friend dies, a mysterious teen criminal and a control-freak detective are thrown into an awkward adoption that puts both at risk. Goals clash as the teen tries to stay off the radar while the detective pushes for a normal life. Can they overcome their differences in time to face the rogue general who is hunting for his prized teen weapon?

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